Friday, September 08, 2006


Ultimate Joint Venture Is Inviting JV Partners Now !

Ultimate Joint Venture is inviting JV Partners to participate into this JV event.

Already has over 100 JV partners in this MASSIVE GIVEAWAY. I’m one of the JV partners too. This is one of the easier ways to build my list subscribers.

They are not open to the public members yet. So if you are interested in joining as JV partner, feel free to Click Here for the details.

Calvin Chin
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Friday, September 01, 2006


URL Make Over Is Organizing 2 Contests !

URL MakeOver will be launching on 6th September 2006.

The Owner, Glen Barnhardt is organizing a special Pre-Launch contest, called "The UGLYIEST URL" specially for the customers who purchase the URL MakeOver product.

The winner will get a copy of the URL MakeOver together with the BONUS.

Glen will post those UGLY's URLs after the contest, You will be voting the UGLIST URL.

If you are an affiliate of this program, you will be eligible to participate in the "Affiliate Contest".

The contest is very simple:

- Top selling affiliate will get a 100.00 bonus.
- Second selling affiliate will get 50.00 bonus.
- Third Place affiliate will get 25.00 bonus.

So, be prepared, send out the ads to your email lists now.

For those who wants to know more about this URL MakeOver, please Click Here.

Calvin Chin
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