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Apsense Business Social Network Program - FREE VIP Upgrade NOW!

Apsense Business Social Network Program - FREE VIP Upgrade NOW!

This program has just started its pre-launch period from 4th May 2007 to 21st May 2007. Within this period, if you are the FIRST 2,500 members who registered into this program, you will get a FREE VIP Membership upgrade for 1 year (value $19.95/Month).

For me, this is a great place for those of you who have small business or any business that you want to promote, as well as build up networking friends.

Beside the normal community program’s profile, pictures, it has few things different from other community porgrams.

Start building your own Private social network immediately.

Create or Join interest groups to expand your network and business.

Stay connected with your network by installing Apsense Express, our most popular & innovative communication tool.

Advertise your business to your Direct and Extended Network daily for Free.

Earn an extra income while using our free service with Apsense’s Ad Network program.

Currently the participation into this program is by invitation only. Don’t worry, I’m giving you my invitation to you here.

After you joined, you can start building up your private social network by inviting your friends, relatives and partners into this program.

Anyone registered into Apsense using your invitation link will be your direct level (1st level) network friends. When your direct leve (1st level) friends invite their own friends and partners. Those who joined Apsense will be your 2nd level network friends. This happens down to 6 levels, which is called your Extended Private social network (this is also the second part of your private social network).

This is like building a list of like-minded friends and partners into this program. Here the POWER is, You CAN broadcast bulletin messages to that list of friends whom you can advertise your businesses. With Apsense advanced communication tools you will always stay connected with your private network. The larger your private social network the more users your messages will reach!

However, there is a time limit that allows you to boadcast bulletin messages to Your private network. Messages are boadcast thru Apsense Express.

1. Every 3 Days - Able to broadcast a message Once every 3 days
2. Every 2 Days - Able to broadcast a message Once every 2 days

Is this same with list building?

Yes, and more.

You can create your own group and invite your network friends to join your gourp. This is a Great feature as you can build a business with all your network friends. Many will be happy to join as they already know you in your networking.

Now, to solve the email delivery problems where many spam software out there have beeing vigorously to FILTER and DELETE our business emails, Apsense provided a software program called “Apsense Express”.

What this Apsense Express does is, you can send your broadcast messages to your networking friends with 100% delivery rate. Your message will be read directly from your friends’ PC. A great tool to help improve the communication and broadcasting efficiency.

There is a “Apsense Credit” incorporated into each account. It’s the most valuable commodity in this Apsense Social Network program. You can use this Apsense Credit to trade for Apsense services.

How do you earn this Apsense Credits?

Here the current methods to get Apsense Credits:

1. Purchase Credits - will be coming soon…
2. Run Apsense Express, for every 15 minutes you have Apsense Express running, you will earn 1 credit
3. Click and View your bulletins daily
4. Earn credits monthly, depending on your User Level.
a) level 1(Ambitionist) gets 50 bonus Credits
b) level 2(Apprentice) gets 100 bonus Credits
c) level 3(Innovator) gets 200 bonus Credits
d) level 4(Entrepreneur) gets 400 bonus Credits
e) level 5(Professional) gets 800 bonus Credits

Apsense is a user-driven social network program, therefore, Apsense will rewards its users when someone visited his/her pages.

Below is a list of pages where you can earn credits when it is viewed:

1. If you own an Apsense Group, when your Group’s page is viewed, will earn you Credits
2. When your Profile page is viewed, you will earn Credits
3. When your bulletin post is viewed, you will earn Credits
4. When you blogs or articles are viewed, you will earn credits

(Hint, Hint, Do visit my profile often LOL 8D !)

And, finaly You can advertise your ads into this program where your ads will be seen by thousands of networkers in this program. How much does it Cost? Well, It’s FREE OF CHARGE. Simply trade your credits to buy your ads.

They are many features that I can’t possibly list here.

Thus, I sincerely invite you to check out this program to reap all the power from it.

See you there.


Calvin Chin
Publisher, Strategic Niche Articles Resources For Your Internet Marketing Business

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Yahoo Auctions Going, Going, Gone !

Yahoo has posted on its website recently that it will close down the U.S. and Canda Auctions site on this coming 16th June 2007.

However, Yahoo will still allow sellers, bidders and buyers to use limited features and tools until 29th October 2007. All sellers will be able to list an item for sale on Yahoo Auctions the latest by 3rd June 2007, and no more auto re-submit since 4th May 2007.

Yahoo will leave the Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan Auctions site in business.

A media metrics firm, Hitwise reported that on week ending 5th May 2007, 94% of the visitors to the auction sites Hitwise tracking are to eBay Web sites (which are eBay, eBay Motors and eBay UK and Canada). Yahoo Auctions only accounted 0.19% of those visitors.

In fact, Yahoo is actually sending a huge number of traffic to eBay. As at week ending 5th May 2007, eBay is receiving 1.34% of the searches in Yahoo, while Yahoo Auctions only benefited 0.01% of that same period of traffic.

One of the reasons Yahoo closes the Auctions site, according to Hitwise Research Director LeeAnn Prescott, is it had became eBay’s exclusive provider of graphical advertisements as well as sponsored advertisements.
With this move, Yahoo will be closing down the Yahoo Photos as well.

Starting the coming summer, Yahoo is giving the users a choice on how to close the Yahoo Photos account, where the users can move the photso to other service provider such as Flickr, Shutterfly, Kodak, Snapfish, or Photobucket.

Calvin Chin
Publisher, Stragetic Niche Articles Resources For Your Internet Marketing Business

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